Working as an ED Intern

Hi everyone!

This will be my first post on this brand spanking new blog I just created. I got a fantastic website address: livingmedical. Brilliant isn’t it? I mean, everyday I’m at work, I’m living medical. Even when I’m not at work, I’m living medical, because if someone had a medical problem like a VF (ventricular fibrillation) in front of me, I have a duty of care to attend to that person.

So anyway, back to the topic of being an ED intern. ED is a scary place!!!!!! The environment is hectic, you have different triage categories, you have people who come in with any type of presentation! Anyway, as an intern in ED, I have to see patients – I take a history, do clinical exams, order appropriate investigations, and provide initial management such as pain relief, oxygen etc, and then discuss this with the senior doctor who will advise of further management as necessary. Sometimes, I may have to refer the patient to the surgical or medical team, which involves talking to sometimes intimidating doctors who can at times be rude.

Well, it was a steep learning curve in the first week of work, but you get used to it. Hopefully, my knowledge and confidence in procedures will increase over time, and I’ll be a great doctor later on. 🙂

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