When My Registrar Irrigated a Urology Patient

There are some things in medicine that just stick with you for the rest of your life. It’s something that you won’t forget. Perhaps something so different to the normal routine of things seen, that it just jumps out at you.

For me, that was yesterday. Doing the urology ward rounds with my registrar, we came across a gentleman who had urinary retention secondary to haematuria and possible clots. This gentleman had a catheter, with bloody urine draining into the catheter bag. Just the thought of blood in urine ….. Gives me the creeps

Anyway, I stayed holding up the bag connector tubing while my registrar vigorously irrigated the catheter with water. Squirting water in and withdrawing water. The first few sucks yielded nothing. She pulled slightly on the syringe, but it was unyielding. “I’m going to go a bit rougher”. And with that, she gave a vigorous squirt of water, and a massive effort withdrawing the plunger, and pop! Clots, lots and lots of clots out into the syringe. Admidst cheers of the gentleman who cheered her on “oh yea, come on, you can do it! You got this Doctor!”

I contemplated how funny the situation was; a female registrar breaking up clots in a mans bladder, while the man cheered her on in an almost orgasmic tone.

With clots and blood dumped in a bucket, it was probably one of the most disgusting things I had seen during medicine, and I’ve seen and done lots of disgusting things (Bloody PR exam anyone?).

Anyway, it’s something that’s going to stick with me for a very very long time. Good dinner conversation too



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