Drinks with Registrars

It’s funny when I went for drinks with my registrars. When alcohol is involved, they say all sorts of funny things. Things that were not quite appropriate, given our professional relationship.

The talk involved things more than just about medicine. It started off about the bizarre and funny cases that they saw during their time at work, and then it went on to gossip about other colleagues, things like how much one colleague in particular always waffled on, giving very little clinical details in their presentations. And then another gossip about another colleague who got a needle stick injury.

This later evolved into talks about the dating scene, relationship statuses, and how they had done one night stands and all!

Then they talked to me, about how I was still young, and should enjoy life as much as I can, how I should also go find someone else for a one night stand!

I enjoyed seeing how my registrars were so open and inappropriate in what they were talking about. That’s what alcohol does I guess. Me – I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol that night (I don’t drink). But it’s interesting to see what alcohol does to people – namely, they lose inhibitions, they talk about inappropriate things. And my registrar was so professional at work, a bit serious at times too.

I’ll never forget about that time my registrars talked to me about one night stands….


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