Hitting the Books Again

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I’ve been too busy trying to sort through work related issues to have had any meaningful time to myself to blog and to relax. It’s only this past week that I have had a taste of working in a more relaxed and less chaotic environment.

And with this more relaxed and less chaotic environment, I’m actually wanting to do more study, and wanting to hit the books. I actually feel like I can start to sit down, and learn a few things from what I encounter at the hospital. My previous rotations were way too draining for me to get into a good mood for reading.

I’m spending more time with my Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, and the small Harrison’s book. They give me great information about general medicine. Reading in itself to learn about the information feels much more different than as a student however. As a student, I was reading because I had to for exams. Now, I’m reading because I want to. It’s a way for myself to expand my mind about things related to medical.

I get up early in the morning, and I start to read. I think I might incorporate some meditation before starting the books. Meditating early in the morning is just tranquil… It will help me to get in the zone. So, I usually wake up around 5-5:30 am, do some reading, breakfast and preparing for tonight’s dinner, and then 7:40 am, head off to work. It means I can get at least an hour or so of reading every day.

With my new tablet, perhaps I can create some flash cards to reinforce the stuff that I have read up on? And perhaps I could read the PDF files I have on my new tablet as well. I’ve never felt more motivated to read about medicine than before, and I attribute this to work stress. When you feel stressed at work, you come home and don’t want to study, because you don’t want to be confronted by more work related stuff. I guess it’s kind of like chefs who come home, and don’t cook dinner, because they’ve been cooking all day.

Well, reading up on medicine will hopefully give me some much needed knowledge about things, since I feel that my previous rotation taught me nothing much, except how to handle chaos, and how to survive against ruthless consultants. More about that on another day…..