Ok, I’m Freaking Out

I’m sort of freaking out here from what I read last night.

Last night, I read through some medical news. An article about an anaesthetic registrar who was abusing some drugs, and subsequently was banned from working in anaesthetics for 2 years (banning start date from around late 2013)

What shocked me most was the name given. That name. I have seen that doctor around my hospital. Perhaps there could be another doctor with the same christian and family name right? So I checked the doctor’s registry database. Only 2 doctors with the exact same christian and family name, except one of them must be at least 60 years old (he got his MBBS in the late 70’s). The doctor of interest looks like they’re in their 40’s.

So, I am kinda freaking out, firstly because I know of this doctor. And secondly, the fact that they were banned from working in anaesthetics for 2 years, yet I had corresponded with them last year when they were the on call anaesthetist.

Hmm, I hate to be a whistle blower and all, especially if my hospital isn’t aware of this doctor’s history.

Should I report this, and how should I go about it? To the medical board, or to my hospital?

Confused 😦


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