At Least the Stench of Crap will Disappear some Day.

It has been too long since I wrote in this blog. Writing in general, takes a lot of thinking and time for me. This takes away the time and thinking I could have been doing for my exam preparations. Hence, why I have not written much in this blog.

A lot has happened since my last blog post.

For one, I have settled well into my current practice – only to realize how utter crap my current clinic is. Crap is an understatement to describe my current practice actually. The supervisor is terrible, one of the other doctors practices 5 minute medicine.

My supervisor appears to be a really nasty woman, who seems to only want to supervise registrars so that she can make money. When it comes to asking her for advice, my limit seems to be only 1 patient per week. Any more than 1 patient, and there are signs of agitation and disdain in her voice when she answers the phone. In fact, I have been told off once for phoning for advice, and told that “I should have more confidence in dealing with the issue” since I was studying for my exams. She hung up on me afterwards, meaning I had to deal with a case on my own when I wasn’t fully sure of management.

These actions boggle my mind in how dangerous an action my supervisor took. Firstly, to throw it back on me and to imply that I should know the answer already, defeats the entire purpose of her being a supervisor; to provide help and support to a registrar who clearly may not fully be experienced at dealing with certain cases and problems. Not to mention, it was clearly dangerous what she did. What if I gave the wrong treatment as I was told that I should deal with it on my own? In the end, I gave the correct treatment. I initially had doubts about my management, but I had even greater doubts about my supervisor’s abilities to supervise registrars.

A few rooms away from my room, there is another male doctor. My nickname for him is the “bloodless doctor” and “the flu specialist”. This doctor seems to shirk away any patient that is bleeding, directing booked in patients to see either myself or the other registrar. There is not even the courtesy of asking if I would be happy to see a bleeding patient. They just get booked into me at reception. Anything like wound repairs, assessment of grazes and cuts, or otherwise removal of skin lesions – these are all things this doctor avoids doing.

In fact, so useless this doctor is, that all he appears to be good at is seeing flu cases. Coughs and runny noses is his specialty, because that appears to be the only thing he is somewhat ok at. His consults are literally 5 minutes, meaning that in an 8 hour shift, he sees up to 50 patients!

There have been so many misdiagnoses on his part and mistakes made. The most painful thing however, is that these patients then realize that he is not actually doing a good job, so come to see me and the other registrar (the supervisor is usually booked out so do not see walk in patients), who are then left with the crappy job of fixing this “flu specialists” mistakes. Given his 5 minute consults, it baffles me that patients are actually still returning to see him.

So there you have it. My first post back after many months, and I am clearly not happy in my settled role at the current clinic that is run by a psycho supervisor, and fixing the mistakes of the “bloodless doctor”.