Hi, and thanks for visiting!

I am a fourth year postgraduate doctor currently working in a busy General Practice clinic.

Medicine is essentially what I do for a living, so it’s a big part of my life, because I’m going to be in it for the long run. It’s something I’m passionate about, and something that I strive for excellence in, although that path is long and will take a lot of time, dedication and perseverance.

In practicing medicine, the focus is outside of just books. The patient and the senior doctors are my teachers. Patients can teach us so much about medicine, but only if you take the time to stop and observe.

Things that fascinate me include: Chinese language, different cultures, martial arts, psychology, science and love and relationships.

I hope that my blog can give you and other readers a perspective on how I view the world of medicine, and what it means to be a junior doctor trying to care for the patients they see every day. It essentially gives me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings on matters related to medicine.

People I’d like to thank are my parents who supported me through my medical school years, and a close family friend from New Zealand who’s phenomenal amount of support and encouragement helped me to realize my goal and dream of becoming a doctor.

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    I stumbled across your blog a while back and really enjoyed reading your unique take on the life of a medical resident. I finally decided to drop a comment (under a pseudonym, of course!). Just wanted to let you know that when I decided to take the plunge into the blogging world myself, I thought of leaving you a note to let you know that you have, in part, inspired me to take up this avocation. Hope to read more from you! Cheers, MedUtopia.


    1. Hey, thanks a lot for the comment. I never would have thought that my blog would inspire someone, given that my posts are far and few in time. I will endeavor to continue to write about my experiences. Good luck with your blog, and all the best with your medical career!


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