And New Workplace

The Friday just gone marked the last day at my previous GP practice. And I cannot believe it has been a year already. A year of seeing and managing patients on my own.

My last day was filled with sadness, as I was moving away from a place of comfort to a new unfamiliar place. I think I’ll miss my supervisor, and the friendly work environment.

I ended up getting a cheesecake for the practice, and a bottle of shiraz for my supervisor on the Thursday (2nd last day of work).

Tomorrow is the start at my new practice. It is a practice that has book in appointments.

“You’ll probably find at your new practice, it’s not going to be as organized as this current practice” said one of my work colleagues. I sort of believe him, because having met the new practice manager, she seemed extremely disorganized. Missed calls and texts and emails, which take 2-3 days for her to get back to me on. Not to mention that she advised me once to rock up at 7:30 am for some computer program training 4 weeks prior to when I was due to start, and forgot the date, only realizing when I rocked up to the practice. And had an entire hour wasted when I was told to “just muck around with the program”, when I had thought that my supervisor would sit down to teach me the basics of the computer program.

Oh, and not to mention that I didn’t find out that apparently I was scheduled to work the first Saturday until I emailed her first (I do alternate Saturdays with the other registrar).

Yeap, I’m already starting to stress over the current practice manager. I have a feeling that the first day, it’s going to be absolute chaos, such as not being able to login to the program (when I last visited the practice, my login still wasn’t working, and that was about 2 weeks ago).

Anyway, I shouldn’t grumble so much. I’m only going to be 2 minutes away from my work practice yay!

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